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For Your Eyes Only

The For Your Eyes Only wine app is the first and only app that gives you access to the world’s finest wines. The app is curated by a team of sommeliers from around the world, who select only the best wines to be featured. The app features a selection of extraordinary wines that are currently unavailable in the United States and are not sold in stores or restaurants.

The For Your Eyes Only wine app

The For Your Eyes Only wine app makes it easy to explore an extensive collection of high-quality wines and purchase them directly from your phone or tablet. The app features:

  • A curated collection of remarkable wines that have been hand selected by our experts
  • Photos, tasting notes and videos for each wine
  • Stunning imagery that provides an immersive experience when exploring each wine’s story
  • A list of all available bottles at any given time so you can quickly find what you’re looking for

The For Your Eyes Only app is a new way to experience . It combines the best of social media and digital marketing with the romance and mystique of fine wine. The app allows users to purchase wines directly from their cell phone, and then receive them at their doorstep in just days. The app also offers access to exclusive content such as videos, interviews, events and more.

For Your Eyes Only has partnered with some of the most prestigious wineries in California and France to offer an extensive selection of wines for purchase through the app. The company plans to expand its offerings to include international wines in the near future.