"Make every day a day lived well..." - Rodney

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WineLingual was started over ten years ago in one of those Ahh-Haa moments. I suddenly realized that something so loved and enjoyed by so many was so elusive and enigmatic in nature. So, my vision is to simplify the world of wine and make it accessible to everyone. Along the way, life happened! Nowhere in the world are candles made into the shape of a wine bottle and are so beautiful, elegant and downright SEXY! 

Make Everyday a Day Lived Well...

Wine and food are meant to be simple pleasures! The process of making them so elegant and delicious may not be simple but isn't that why we admire and love them so much? So, whether you are using one of my "Wine Pro" apps to score your favorite wine or dish, or perhaps enjoying a candlelit dinner with one of our Original Wine Bottle Candles or reading the Renegade's Review to learn more about a "Hard Hat" wine do it with passion! 

Communication with a Purpose!

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so be the first of your tribe to share your passion! Use my iPhone sticker apps to score a wine, score a dinner even a date! There are wine based ones, nature based ones, inspirational ones and mindfulness ones. Like wine we are multi-dimensional in nature, so why would we limit ourselves and our ability to communicate with passion and purpose. 

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Hard Hat Wines

Hard Hat Wines

These are the wines that range in price from $10-$30 per bottle that the average working woman/man can afford to drink and enjoy on a regular basis. They come complete with a scoring from Renegade Rodney your personal Sommelier, through the Wine Pro app! I purchase every one of these wines myself and receive no payment from the winemaker's to Pour it, Score it & Store it!