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WineLingual was started over ten years ago in one of those Ahh-Haa moments. I suddenly realized that something so loved and enjoyed by so many was so elusive and enigmatic in nature. So, "learning about" wine became an obsession of mine. I've now come to realize that knowing a lot about wine and actually understanding it were two distinctly different things. My vision is to simplify the world of wine and make it accessible to everyone.

Make Everyday a Day Lived Well...

Wine and food are meant to be simple pleasures! The process of making them so elegant and delicious may not be so simple but isn't that why we admire and love them so much? So, whether you are using one of my "Wine Pro" apps to score your favorite wine or dish, or perhaps wearing one of our beautifully designed products or reading the Renegade's Review to learn more about a "Hard Hat" wine do it with passion! 

Communication with a Purpose!

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so be the first of your tribe to share your passion! Use my iPhone sticker apps to score a wine, score a dinner even a date! There are wine based ones, nature based ones, inspirational ones and mindfulness ones. Like wine we are multi-dimensional in nature, so why would we limit ourselves and our ability to communicate with passion and purpose. 

"Every Wine a Story..."

Introduction to WineLingual & Renegade Rodney

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Who are the WineLingual WineKnows?


We are a community of wine and food lovers enjoying a life lived well! As a group we have leverage to negotiate wine deals without joining every single wineries "wine club". We are our own wine club independent of membership minimums and restrictions. As an industry professional, Rodney represents us and negotiates the best deals on our "Hard Hat" wines. 

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Hard Hat Wines

Hard Hat Wines

These are the wines that range in price from $10-$30 per bottle that the average working woman/man can afford to drink and enjoy on a regular basis. They come complete with a scoring from Renegade Rodney your personal Sommelier, through the Wine Pro app! I purchase every one of these wines myself and receive no payment from the winemaker's to Pour it, Score it & Store it! 

The Global Grapevine Series

What are iMessage Stickers?


That's a great question! For Apple they are an alternative to emojis and emoticons. They can be sent as an independent text or dragged into an existing text bubble to send "your" sentiment in an artful, passionate and visually impactful way! 


WInestein motif of wine glass, Einstein hair and mustache

We all know someone who knows a lot about wine or at least tries to sound that way! Well, send them some of these stickers which celebrate the more cerebral appreciation of wine...well at least before we start drinking! "Winestein" on the AppStore.

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Ah Ha!

Where can I buy the "Wine Pro" stickers for Apple products? My AppStore Page

Where do I learn how to use the stickers? "Every Wine a Story..." videos!

How often will there be updates? Updates will be done periodically to add in new stickers to existing packs.

I want to buy a t-shirt, how do I do that? 

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Wine Love!

Wine Love

Ahh, Love...Amour, Liebe. Different words same meaning, like wine different flavors same deliciousness! Planning a romantic getaway and you check wine country for deals first? That's true love, baby! Checkout these stickers that let you express your wine love and intimacy with your special partner.   "Wine Love" on the AppStore.

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A Day Lived Well...

Did you take the time to enjoy a good meal, have a conversation with a friend, laugh at yourself, learn something new, share your love, give thanks for all you have...then you had a day lived well!

Communicate with Purpose & Intention!