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“May every day be a day lived well…” – Rodney

Vision & Mission

Why WineLingual?

Because traditional wine apps are boring and overly complicated! WineLingual’s iMessage app “The Grapevine” is built-in to your message’s platform, so… Nothing new for you to learn, you already know how to take pictures and send texts! It comes with the “Wine Pro Series” of scoring and tasting terminology systems we already instinctively understand. It also has “The Grapevine Series”, a group of fun emojis and celebratory memes associated with the wine, food and lifestyles we live! Join our growing family and express yourself with elegance, intelligence and style with the “Ultimate Wine Tasting App”!

Pour It, Score It & Store It!

Wine and food are meant to be simple pleasures! Let’s keep it that way by using these core terms used to describe the fruit, non-fruit and structure of the wine in our glass. These are the same terms used globally by wine and food professionals to describe and pair wines. No fluff or nonsense, just the scientifically proven primary aromas and scents associated with grape varietals, the secondary aromas from the wine making process and the tertiary aromas from the wine aging process. Now you can “speak” wine confidently when ordering, tasting or purchasing your favorites. Designed by a sommelier that is driven to simplify the world of wine, anyone can immediately become WineLingual!   ALL NEW – The Grapevine Series Apps now have stickers in Spanish, French, German and Chinese Traditional! So, go global and show your Wine Tribe how to spice up their messages, WineLingual Style!

Communication with a Purpose!

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so be the first of your tribe to share your passion! Next time you’re wine tasting or out for dinner capture the moment with a picture and paste a grape cluster sticker, no need to remember if you liked it or “LOVED it! These simple grape clusters come in a 1-5 sequence for an easy way to score the wines and foods you enjoy. Simply, save a screenshot and Bam! Your virtual cellar is in your hand with all of the memories of that experience saved forever.  

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    WineLingual WineKnows

    Who are the WineLingual WineKnows?

    We are a community of wine and food lovers enjoying a life lived well! As a group we have leverage to negotiate wine deals without joining every single wineries “wine club”. We are our own wine club independent of membership minimums and restrictions. As an industry professional, Rodney represents us and negotiates the best deals on our “Hard Hat” wines. 

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    Hard Hat Wines

    These are the wines that range in price from $10-$30 per bottle that the average working woman/man can afford to drink and enjoy on a regular basis. They come complete with a scoring from Rodney our personal Sommelier, through the WineLingual app! 

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    A Day Lived Well…

    Did you take the time to enjoy a good meal, have a conversation with a friend, laugh at yourself, learn something new, share your love, give thanks for all you have…then you had a day lived well!

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