Rodney Page

Rodney Page Description

Description Game: Share your LOVE of Nature! Spruce up those Spring texts messages with a little Butterfly Love!.

Butterflies, Dragonflies and Hummingbirds, there is no better way to welcome nature and all that it brings to us! There is a Regal Monarch, dazzling Tiger Swallowtail and an iridescent Blue Morph in the butterfly group. The dragonflies are uniquely designed to use geometric balance and beauty as only the life affirming Dragonfly can do! There is an Amber, Sunset and Aquamarine version all appealing and beautiful to the eye and heart. The Ladybug rounds out the pack bringing quiet elegance to your texts and messages of hope, inspiration, love and support to your friends and family. Enjoy, these year round and remember our updates with new stickers are free to you!